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I'm going to buy a new one. I've used one of those monster 10 or 11 inch orbital units. All plastic with a ring handle about the body. I really don't like it. The body seems to do more orbiting than the pad does.

There are a number of different features I been seeing in my search.

right angle
dual head
variable speed (one salesdufas tried to sell me a sander/grinder that ran about 8000rpm)
orbital vs circular
smaller pads vs larger (6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8.5"... )
Hook and loop attachment of pads.

This Porter Cable is what I'm leaning towards. But I'm open to recommendations.

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The Porter Cable got excellent revues in the Guru Wax Reports - looking at getting it as well.


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Lower speed is good for most light duty - as long as you are not trying to color sand and polish. Another feature out there is some of the buffers are being offered as a dual action (DA) type. This is ideal because you can stop its motion while it is still running. This all but eliminates any chance of burning through or removing the paint from an edge.
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