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Hey friends,

Is it possible to buy a GM extended warranty for the SSR at a substantial discount? If so where and how. Do you know if it covers convertible tops some plans will not.

Thanks :seeya

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extended warranty

I got an extended warranty, 60 months, 75,000 miles, zero deductable, at the dealer for $1,890.
I checked with my credit union, cost was ~ $1,400, but did not cover the convertible top mechanical parts.

My dealer asked around and assured me that the top was included in the extended warranty.

Call Kim, finance mgr, to ask about her selling you an extended warranty if your dealer will not give you for a similar price. Kim - 480-244-7599 (cell). Tell her she sold extended warranty on SSR to Doug Martin for that price.

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Has anyone ever heard of Warrantech Automotive for extended warranty?
I don't usually go for extended warranties but their offer interests me. Their plans are based on miles only with unlimited time. For instance a 100,000 mile policy with unlimited time is only$1080.00. They have a $50.00 deductable and everything else looks pretty good. For those who only drive a few thousand miles a year this could last forever.
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