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Factory Accessories Here!

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I found this site
Some of you probly already know about it, but there seems to be a lot of questions wanting additional stuff for your SSR!
Hope this helps!

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Some people have had great success with Factory Customs - others have not.

I had a purchase with him on EBay, and he made the transaction very difficult, possibly because I purchased below his cost - communications were very poor. Then he hit me with my only negative response on EBay.

Wow - three threads with the same reply from Factory Customs. I guess I hit a nerve with him. To bad he couldn't be this prompt when I was trying to purchase from him.

This is the reply I posted on the other threads.

This was the only EBay transaction that ever went sour for me, and I'd tried pretty much everything to make it work. He's not the first shipper who wouldn't ship to Canada, but the only one I couldn't resolve the issue with.

Just happened upon one of his items on EBay last night, so checked, and noticed ongoing negatives , so..... just thought I'd let him know I hadn't bought anything else from him. Didn't expect him to take it public.

All I can suggest is before anyone deals with Factory Customs they first go to the trouble of checking through his negative and neutral feedback for the last year to see just how many people had a bad experience due to unanswered calls and emails, and/or very slow shipping.

I don't want to turn a private matter into a public debate, but if the discussion continues, I don't have a problem attaching all the emails he didn't reply to, then attach the part on the negative feedback where he says he never received emails or phone calls, and that I refused to pay.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts