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· Cantankerous SSR CaretakR
2,562 Posts
Had we been in town, we would have definitely been there. Sorry to hear you were there all by yourself.

Did get the ignition switch replaced on the Pace truck today. It had been giving me some problems, found it was one of the original black switches.

· Genuinely SSR Obsessed
9,796 Posts
Uh Oh!!!

-- :surprise:

So sorry you were by yourself for Breakfast!!

'I will not fail you again, Master' HA..... Photograph Black-and-white Leg Arm Monochrome photography

I got hung up with an unexpected last-minute visitor. :crying:

Next month will be all the sweeter if we can get a break on some halfway decent weather. 0:)

David :black:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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