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Feel like a target

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After getting nailed by an 8"X8"X8' railroad tie a few months ago - today another truck took aim at me. The bad news is an eighteen wheeler had a full roofing square fly off the truck and hit me in the front end. He was in the exit lane on I-10 when it happend and I couldn't get over fast enough to chase him down or get a plate #. The good news is that the square hit only on the areas I have the Xpel bra. It took all the damage. I'll have to replace two pieces, but's a whole lot better than a new paint job. Xpel is good stuff. :thumbs
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know how you feel

Had some one try a squeeze play on me last week. :mad

Hope next week is better for the both of us. :angel
Wanna Find My Brothers/Sisiters

Like to find SSR's close to my VIN # 8025 Build date 04/04 Ultra Violet
I am in St Louis Missouri by the way..
OK houtex,

Enough of this now! You've had your fair share of "target practice" on your "Black Beauty!" It seems sometimes that it's feast or famine with these close calls. You'll have a couple in a row to put you on your toes and then it may be months or years before another one!

Drive safe, my friend!
Looks like Buffy is close kin! Houtex, man stay away from those big rigs they are nothing but trouble. Glad it was just a close call. Be careful!
Hey, I am ultra violet also but I am a bit from your vin at 6808. I am out in Northern California and got mine in Sacramento back in May of last year. :cool :cool
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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