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finally did it...

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Hi guys,

Took delivery on my 04 ultra violet last night. Will post the vin as soon as I know how to do that. I am assuming I use the last 4 numbers but not sure, other stuff:

chrome wheels
running boards
carpeted cargo
cargo net
tow package
1SB package
246 miles

Problems: one center cap twists; hood prop needs replacing; driver window does not seat correctly and have a "due bill" for minor scratch on driver door so will have to go into the shop soon but at least that's only 1/4 mile from work

Found lots cheaper east of the Mississippi but not so in SoCal with all the options and the color I wanted...but didn't want to drive, fly, worry about smog, CA taxes and license

Not as after market savy as you all seem to be so if there are any "must haves" I should look into, let me know

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Another SSR Babe!!!! You are going to love it like no other.!!! Congrats and welcome to the family!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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