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pesos said:
was down in LA for 5 days and Allen Gwynn found me an 05 black 6spd with the running boards for $500 over invoice. cancelled my flight and drove it home today!

few initial observations:

1) why didn't they put the radio controls on the left side of the wheel? seems like i hardly have my right hand on the wheel (have to shift, don't I?)
1a) They designed the steering wheel setup when all they had was an automatics to drive ;)
2) seals seals seals. it's been raining almost nonstop since i picked her up and anytime you open anything, water pours out
2a) I haven't driven in real rain so not sure how much water pours out :confused
3) NOISE - how do i get these pillows people have talked about to quiet down the road noise?
3)a Ahh mine is a wee bit loud but to me its all fits in with the Roadster's sounds...
4) rough idle? anyone else with the 6 spd notice that the gearshifter REALLY dances around? the worst part about it is that it makes a clicking noise (which I THINK is the pleather around it sticking/rubbing as it jiggles back and forth) that I REALLY need to get rid of... incredibly annoying sound
4)a Never drove a Six Speed yet... darn it :(
5) overall i love the new engine and tranny, but the exhaust doesn't sound quite as cool as the earlier model year i test drove last year
5)a That is true... I found that the 03 - 04s sounds a wee bit more "throatier" ! :jester
6) not the most comfortable seats when you're 6'3"
6)a I am 6'2" and I drove in it 6 hours straight and I found the seats to be fairly comfortable. :thumbs
7) i feel like I paid $1900 for heated seats!!!
7)a You got much more than heated seats for $1,900.00 :yesnod

still a big smile on my face :)
I still have a big smile on my face too :)
will take some more as soon as the rain stops!!!
Hope the rains stops soon! Good luck with your new black beauty! :flag

8,971 Posts
2 Reasons make one great sound!

SPEDS said:
What would contribute to the 5.3 litre sounding somewhat more throatier than the 6 litre?

I have read this several times from several different people!

I luv the sound of my 04!!!
The combination of two very distinct things that occurs... SPEDS! :)

Those two combinations make for ONE sweet sound... you have to own an 03 or 04 and then drive an 05 to feel, hear and sense the SWEET differences... :jester
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