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Cruising towards the mall today for some Mother's Day shopping and spotted a yellow SSR in an auto parts store lot. Quick u-turn, parked next to the car, went inside, and asked for the car's owner.

Met a great guy named Ron and his wife who had just purchased the car from a dealer with 4000 miles for $29,000! :cuss

Welcomed them to the 'club' and mentioned this site. I think i met one of the few individuals on the planet who have no computer but filled them in on this site and explained all the valuable information.

Went outside to admire the cars next to one another (mine top down - theirs up).
Congratulated them on their great deal :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss and wished them great luck, and exchanged numbers since we are in adjoining towns.

Drove away amazed at seeing first hand just how low these babies are going for but what the heck are you gonna do.....I paid top dollar and can't say I have regrets. It's not like we all don't know that the first in always pay top $.

It was fantastic actually parking next to another SSR owner on the street :party and not just seeing SSR's on car lots.

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