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Finishing touch for wheels

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Finally someone came out with a chrome valve stem cover that CANNOT be stolen.
I put chrome valve stem sleeves and covers on all of my cars with aluminum or chrome wheels. Unfortunately they get stolen. Not any more. (That sounded like a commercial).
I found a website called They sell lockable valve stem covers that you need a special tool to install and remove them. I bought three sets so far. $23.00 with free shipping and a free gift with every purchase. I got those super brite mini lites that go on your key chain. I've taken a few photos and posted them here. Remember, it is the chrome cap only. The sleeves were purchased at a car parts store. They were $4.00.
What a great way to finish off the wheel and hide that ugly black valve stem.
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Special tool

When you order a set of these caps you get 2 (two) tools. They are both on key rings but one is a quick disconnect type so you can take it off the ring easily. I keep one in the storage console and one on the key ring.
Also, I was just at WalMart. They have the chrome valve stem sleeves for under $3.00 a pack of four. Made by Campbell Hausfeld. Bought three packs for spares.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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