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We finally got to road trip in the SSR. Left Friday PM and spent the first night in Elk City, then on to Sata Fe, which became home base for the next week. We drove to Albuquerque, Toas, and Nambe Falls, taking a lot of scenic routes and doing some Route 66 areas.

I can't get pix to attach, but here is our white water trip...

I also posted some SSR photos on the gallery (somehow) for those who are curious

We were still amazed at the reactions from strangers, which made the trip a lot more fun than if we'd done it in a mini van. From truck drivers giving us the thumbs up as we passed them to a little old lady hollering "bad ride" as she turned in front of us at a stop light, we had lots of attention.

The Maintenance Manager at our hotel said he'd been trying to catch up with us all week to ask about the truck, but we left every morning before he could get our attention. He went to the local dealership to get a demostration of the top.

We didn't see another SSR in 2170 miles...and apparently no one else did either. They all acted like ours was the first they had witnessed.

I had a real hard time keeping it clean. Not only was it dry in NM and TX, but I had no idea so many "State Highways" are gravel. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for selecting "Scenic" on the GPS. Hope I don't find more paint chips.

This trip was a real blast. I had the top down over half the time and realized driving through the mountains that I often saw things people with roofs missed altogether. What a way to vacation.

No problems at all with the truck...except a few operator error issues.

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Road Trip

Thanks for a great post!

My wife and I are going to take a 2,000 mile trip at the end of August. Fresno to Seattle, to Victoria, BC - via the car ferry - and back ( Taking about 8 days - gotta watch my Bulldogs whip the Huskies on September 5th!!! ). We are stopping at Crater Lake going up, and we are coming back down the Oregon coast, on Highway #1. Now, that's what I call a "top down experience" - leery of the Seattle rep for nonstop rain, however...


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