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The only thing I regret about trading my 2003 Mercury Marauder for my SSR was that I thought I had lost the two guys that did almost all the service work and mods for my MM, Scott Levine and Jason Adams at Team Ford in Marietta, GA. Team is owned by Autonation and is one of a slew of dealerships they own, including a Chevrolet dealership in the Atlanta Area.

Team Ford is extremely mod friendly, having an on site Dynojet for tuning. They are the official dealership for the Atlanta SVTOA chapter, and it's common to see all kinds of race cars (and all brands) arriving on the back of trailers and flat beds for tuning work. Scott and Jason installed every major mechanical and electrical modifcation to my car with the exception of some exhaust work.

Scott used to work in Florida for Steeda, and is now one of only 3,000 Senior Master Techs in the country.

Today I was in Marietta for a club breakfast, so I decided to go over to Team to see if the boys were working this saturday, my luck, they were. And they loved the SSR! It was quite an attention getter, techs from all over the service department came over to check out the SSR, including the serivce manager, who I gave a complete tour and demo of the truck. They truly appreciate this great vehicle.

Here's the assesment by my Ford tech buddies, and it's not any surprise. They were impressed with the truck, especially the retractable roof, and praised the design and craftsmanship of the LS2. They liked what they saw underneath once it was up in the air, especially battery location in the rear. They did NOT like the radiator cooling fan, which both highly recommended I replace with something beefier aftermarket. They said the radiator is small, but okay considering the space constraints. They also highly recommended an auxiliary transmission cooler, explaining that if my engine coolant was getting up above 210 at idle in traffic, the tranny fluid was getting too hot if they only cooler was in the radiator. Makes sense, and these two things are something I'll look into.

I got the oil changed, though they didn't have a cross reference for Motorcraft oil filters (Auto Zone had a chart that showed Motorcraft makes a filter that fits the 05 SSR), so I had them put on a K&N filter I had on hand.

Some pics, including shots of the new drive shaft replaced two weeks ago under warranty. It was pointed out to me that the TrailBlazer frame has the brackets on it for a spare tire underneath... which can't be done because the battery is in the way.


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