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first road trip

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Well my wife and I are taking the SSR on our first road trip this Thrusday. We are heading to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for our annual home owners meeting and 4th of July picnic, then we leave for Burlington North Carolina on the 4th to visit an old Air Force friend for the for the day, then we leave on the 5th for Hampton Virginia to visit another old Air Force friend for the day, then we leave on the 6th for Philadalphia to see the Liberty bell and other sites, then we head to the Newwark New Jersey area to do a four day Royal Caribbean cruise to Nova Scotia, then it's back to Michigan. I'm so pumped up for this. The reason i'm posting this is in the hope to meet any other fantics on our trip. :party :party :party
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The first road trip is the best, I hope you meet lots of SSR Fanatics and have a great time!:)
You won't be too far from us in Va. Bch! :thumbs

I may or may not be able to meet you in Philly. (I really don't like going to Philly, but I would to meet another SSR owner).

If you know when you will be where in Philly, post and I will see if I can meet up with you.
Dang! Now THAT'S a road trip!

While you're in Pigeon Forge, tell Dolly we said, "Hey!"

Enjoy that big "trunk" to carry all of your luggage and souveniers that you're getting for us too! (I can't wait to see what you got me!)

Drive safe!
looking4anssr, going to Philly was my wifes idea not mine, we are going to pass on philly. we are gong up to wilmington to get into N.J. We will be in N.J. on the 6th. Lets try and get together. P.M. me with some directions if it works for you.
Well we got back from are first road trip with the SSR. We put a total of 2837 miles on the truck and all without a single hic cup, but then it is a chevy. We got to meet cruzned (Ed) and looking for an ssr (John) all I can say is what a couple of great guys. Ed is one hell of an artist and my wife just loved his roses as she is a rose nut too, with over 60 rose bushes in her garden. and John drove 60 miles just to meet up with us and he did this after working all night. If anyone is near V.A. Beach or in N.J. you need to meet them.
Other than Ed's and John's SSR's we saw 7 other ones, one north bound on I75 south of Toledo OH, 5 SSR's in North Carolina and the one more on north bound on US23 just inside the MI. state line and I wasn't able to meet any of them. It looks like N.C. might full of SSR's.
Buffy , Dolly says hi and wants to Know why you haven't call? And if you want your souvenier you will have come to Michigan. :lol
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Bill and Jan: Glad you could take some time to smell the roses! Enjoyed meeting you too. :thumbs


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Seems to be nice to make a road trip in USA !!!

In France , when i'm riding 'round paris , a full filling of the tank cost me 135$ ...

This is so expensive for crazy people like me who really want to drive in us cars...

giga lol

And if i've got "even" a little car problem... i can't imagine how i'll can fix it !!!


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