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I bought a set (possibly the first sold) of Eibach sway bars from a reputable internet supplier. The deal was sweet and it looked like a really wise choice. The specs said the the that the rear was 32mm and the front was 36mm. The rear was as advertised, but the front turned out to be a 51mm monster. :eek See attached photos. Stock units are black, Eibachs are red.

The rear installed OK, but there was absolutely no way to get the front one in place. I contacted the internet supplier and Eibach directly. We got to the bottom of the problem - - - it seems that someone at Eibach incorrectly assumed that the SSR shared the front sway bar with the Trailblazer. :nono The Anti-roll kit listing for SSR has now been deleted from their offerings. is doing everything right to reverse the deal and Eibach was apologetic and is taking care of all the costs involved in returning the hardware.

Although this was a bit of a pain in the back side, I would not hesitate to do business with either Eibach or again. :thumbs

I thought this was worth sharing,



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