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Jim Greeley/Canada has Silver SSR 05 that the roof cover would go up/down, motor continued to run but roof would not unlatch.

We put Tech2 on and it showed that there was no power to HES switch, passengers side, roof cover.

Which means RDM couldn't detect that Hydraulic cylinder had reached full out position on roof cover.

So, RDM would not let roof function continue.

Ed Borland aka ED in Fl, found broken wire going to HES Switch. (HES switches do not/can not fail, they are encapsulated magnets)

Ed soldered a new wire from connector to HES switch, Tech2 showed power back, all is good, roof works fine.


1. Broken wire at Hydraulic cylinder
2. Wire cut and stripped.
3. Soldered/heat shrink and tape.
4. Be sure to check your wires on passengers side.
5. Ed with Jim who has big smile, ALL FIXED!


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Good find. That area at the wire clip has been long known for chaffing wires and causing problems for many people. "HES" stands for "Hall Effect Switch", which has been mentioned here many times. As Dick said, simple $1 magnet signal and a chaffed wire can ruin a good day.


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This has been a subject of mine at tech briefings for a couple years now.........

GM used black electrical tape to provide a cushion between the metal clips and the hydraulic hoses and wiring.... What we have been seeing in the fleet for the last couple years is an increase in the black tape migrating out from under the clips....... thus letting the hydraulic lines and wires come in harsher contact with the lines and wires.

Good find guys. Good documentation of symptoms and repair.

I hope the rest of the fleet pays attention to these. It's a simple thing to check and correct before it gets to be an issue..

My two cents,

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