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Flood Red Ssr

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:nodno :nodno

Watching the weather channel this afternoon....showing the flooding in the Pittsburgh of Etna, PA. Reporter was showing the area that was flooded and a new trailblazer that was moved from a nearby dealership about 1000 feet into a road. As they panned to the dealership, sitting in the water was a new RED SSR. What a mess....

:cry :cry

Having been through the Johnstown flood of 1977, I know what the inside of that SSR must look like.
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I stashed my 2003 in the garage and worried about it the whole time I was evacuated. Living in Biloxi MS we were in the path ofIvan until the final few hours and then unfortunately Alabama got to see his eye.
i would like to buy it
If totaled, it would be a great source for parts! I saw that video too....ouch! :eek
it would be a great start for a 502 ssr or a prostreet
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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