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Floor Mats

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If you drive your SSR like me you probably have noticed that the Custom Cloth floor mats ($99 a pair) tend to show wear and dirt very quickly. I found some trimmable rubber mats that I use for the everday driving. I pop in the Customs when it's showtime. Check out the pics.


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Cooooool. I have plastic mats in mine and am saving the good ones for shows.
floor mats

Where did you find them? They look pretty good and I'm sure they will save the expensive ones.
Floor mat problem.

I was disappointed when only after 2100 miles the floor mats started 2 look pretty funky. The logo started 2 fray n I jus cudn't get it clean. :mad

Now I must say that I NEVER take'r out in the rain or take'r ANYWHERE where there is excessive dirt. It's jus from normal wear.

Anyway I went 2 my local dealer n showed him n he agreed that indeed it was a problem n he up n ordered me a new set under the warranty. :)

I'm a happy guy again. :party

:) :) :) These are made by Plasticolor.

I saw this style at Auto Zone, Wally World and another local parts store. They had them for all makes and in a variety of styles. I picked these up at Advance Auto Parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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