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Florida SSRs going to Savannah

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Who's going?
It would be cool to drive that distance as a group.
Suggestions for meeting up??

I'm on the north end of central Florida and right off I-95. Something here for a final grouping?

Lets throw some ideas around and maybe even meet up with a few more from north of here.
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From my house to the hotel in Savannah is just over 200 miles with a Mapquest estimated drive time of 3 hrs and 22 min. :lol
What time frame is planned for the festivities to start in Savannah?
Once we have some sort of idea on that we can work backwards and make plans for meeting times along the way. We can plan on meeting at my house or there are a few decent eating places right off the interstate.
Dittonzssr lives nearby. My house is real easy to get to, only about 2 min off I-95.
johnedge said:
Were Going-post Plans And We'll Try To Meet Everyone If Possible

John And Patty Edge
We are working on some plans for meeting up. Lets get a caravan of SSRs from Florida and have some fun!!!
Some preliminary thoughts.
Tahoejoe suggested we plan on arriving in Savannah between 11AM and 12 Noon. Give us some sightseeing time. That would mean leaving from here in Palm Coast about 8 AM. With a 200 mile drive, 1 P-call(someone will have to :rolleyes: ), and so far 1 stop to pick up a hitchiker to the caravan along the way, that departure time should work.
Thoughts are meet at CrackerBarrell in Palm Coast (exit 289 on I-95) around 7AM for breakfast and grouping up. Leave here around 8AM. That would give a decent window for grouping up.
For those coming a long distance there are a couple Inns right off I-95 and on the same street as Cracker Barrell. There is a Sleep Inn, Hampton Inn and a Microtel Inn. The Microtel is the least expensive. If you want to stay on the ocean for $300 a night that is also available :lol If you come in Friday evening we could meet up for dinner or even burgers on the grill at my place.

OK there are some ideas from me. Lets get a little feedback and set something up.

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That sounds about right to me.

From vero beach it is about 140 miles. Would it be shorter and easier to come over on I-4 to Daytona and north from there???
Two more weeks to go!!!!
Lets get a few more additions to this caravan.
It looks like we have 9 of us linking up along the way to drive into Savannah. Lets kick some butt and show up those "northerners" Can we get our "Wagon Train" up to 20??????? :party
It looks bad when the out of state visitors outnumber the "Home Team". You northerners better get some more locals to show.
tahoejoe said:
Ms. Tahoejoe told me it would be tacky to show up in Savannah with the same outfit I had on my last I bought a new one. What do you think?

The new outfit looks great. Just remember it isn't tacky to show up with the same copilot.
I plan on being at Cracker Barrell at 7 AM. Anyone that wants to meet up for breakfast is welcome to join us. We have a group meeting there between 7 and 8 to get together for the ride to Savannah. Looks like we have at least six so far. Two more will join the caravan in Jacksonville and one more just north of the Georgia line.
For those coming north on I-95. Get off at exit 289. Make right onto Palm Coast Parkway. Make right at first light (Old Kings Road). Make first right on to Kingswood Dr. Cracker Barrell is right there. All the inns mentioned earlier are also on that street as well as gas station.
Less than a week to go. Can we add a few more to the list????
Looks like we added another to the caravan. Topjimmy is joining us at Cracker Barrell. That makes seven by my count leaving together and 3 more joining us along the way.

Few days left. Can we get a couple more???????
The more the merrier :party
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