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Little update for Florida Chapter.

Gray Medcalf aka GLMSSR04 aka Florida Ambassador was taken to the hospital, seams they "nicked" his kidney during a previous operation. He has an ugly scar. Not home yet.

Bob Brindley aka BrightRoadster aka Florida Ambassador is home after a mild "stroke".

Me, I am getting ready for Daytona! Wow! One of the biggest Rally we ever had!

Thanks to Mike aka Dingbat aka Ambassador and Doug aka SoonerRed aka Ambassador.

For grins, we removed a damaged roof and installed a new one.


See you in Daytona!!

We did some Quaker Steak & Lube, won Trophies and Kathy was Trophy Girl one night.



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Wish i could make it to Daytona, but I know you guys will get along without me. Don't get in trouble at the track, or anywhere else for that matter. We need you guys and your skills.
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