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Thanks to Dictator (the leader) and the other SSR guys and gals that met me last night for dinner. It was great seeing you and I hope to see more of the Florida and Snowbirds when I come back in Jan for the winter.

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It was our pleasure, Bob.

You let the "Dicktator" stay at your home in New Jersey last year when doing Tech Day's up the East Coast. And I thank you for that. Remember, John, WOW ftr, had me change a side mirror that wasn't even broken.

And now that you are going to be a Florida Chapter Fanatic, it was only proper to Welcome you.

Have a Safe Trip back to New Jersey and see you in January.


1. Bob Mendelwitz, BSTPAPA at Dinner.
2. Bruce/Annie, Red Baron
3. Marianne/Ed, EDS-RED-05
4. Dennis/Jo, FloRidah
5. The Gang


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