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:thumbs Just to everyone know, I just put on the 03-04 flowmaster catback American thunder exhaust system on my 05. It bolted right up just like it did on my 03. Hangers and all took less than 2 hours. Used the rack at my local chevy dealer. Sounds awesome with the headers. I can hear it rumbling going down the hyway. but not over powering. But when you step on the footfeed what a roar!!
sounds like a racecar 1/4 mi variaty. Turn the radio normal and I don't notice it. I would figure that the other brands of exhaust systems would fit the 05 ssr also. I did not have to alter anything. :cool :seeya
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I heard BobA's flowmaster today, Sounds AWESOME!!!! Glad to have met you Bob!!! :seeya
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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