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Font for cards

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Marc, it appears that the font for the cards is Comic Sans which I don't have. Is there a substitute for mac users?

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cruzned said:
Art: Appreciate it. Do I dare engage in a battle here between the PC folks and the Mac folks? Nahhhh....just because the mac OS never crashes, locks up or gets viruses, why bother? I have to use a PC at work and I absolutely hate it!!!! From the moment I press the power button on my mac it takes only sixty seconds to start using all my software and at work it takes about five minutes on that lame PC. :jester
Sounds like an outdated PC - mine at home and at work are ready to go in 60 seconds - including ISP connection. Haven't had a crash, lock up or a virus since moving to XP and Norton.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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