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For Sale: floor mats and.....

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I have a set of SSR logo floor mats for sale...they've been lightly used but are still in great condition. I also have the hardback book about the SSR and the Maisto 2000 SSR concept 1:18, still in the box. I'll take $75.00 plus shipping for everything. I'm not signed in much anymore so please email me here: [email protected]
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Anybody? The floor mats are in great condition, the box has never been opened on the model and the book was looked through once and put away. O.K...I'll include U.S.'s that?
These items are now sold...thanks!

To me or to Kermit. I answered your email asked for a mailing address for the Cashiers check as you did not accept Paypal. I have yet to receive a response from you. Now I see they are marked sold. Are you forwarding me the info or did you sell to Kermit???

He did not sell the items to me...

I don't know what happened...He said he never got email and when I forwarded the copy he said Oh Yea, I never got reply????

I quess maybe it wasn't meant to be :confused :banghead
Did funds arrive??

If not still interested.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts