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I'm a rookie owner. This message is for all the guys waiting to purchase their first SSR. I've been asked this a couple of times when parking my SSR around town from guys "interested in purchasing but not sure".

I got mine 3 weeks ago. An 05 that was sitting in inventory for 6 months. Came with more stuff then I wanted but I wanted this truck in Silver. It was the only one in that color left within miles. Went in purchased without haggling on the price. Pretty much paid what they shown on the window (it was on "sale" already). Picked it up one week later after dealer prep. Drove it a half dozen times around the area. My take after three weeks and a couple hundred miles.

Bad stuff: :mad
1) lots on interior plastic. Much more then expected.
2) Motor boggs down when cold, much better when warm (I have the auto).
3) No internal cabin storge to speak of.
4) Front hood of truck cries for rock chips
5) Rear view mirror, for me, seem to be set to far back. Blind spots all round.
6) Radio receiption weak. Some say the Bose system is weak.
7) Gas mileage lowest of any car I purchased.
8) No mistaking, this is a heavy truck. But it feels solid on the road.

Good stuff: :)
1) Motor sounds great. I can feel the power. Much more then I would need.
2) To me the styling is great. Like getting a custom truck with out paying big $$$
3) Much more rear storage space than any sports "car" I was interested in.
4) Roof - monkey proof. No problems.
5) Eventhough some did not like the Bose radio. With the CD and balancing, I felt I got good sound.
6) A unique and scarce vehicle (good or bad).

I knew all the bad stuff prior to purchase. And it was because I surfed this group for months prior to purchase. This was my most expensive vehicle purchase to date and after 3 weeks no regrets. When I purchased it, I didn't know that the 2006 would be the last year. If I had known, I would not have changed my mind. I still will have a very special truck. I think the major American manufactors will think twice before coming out with another "Halo" TRUCK. Maybe they might bring out a "halo" car but not a truck. I wanted a truck. And the Japanese (I've owned all japanese prior to this purchase) will only bring out bland stuff.

My Message for all you guys waiting. Do your research and get one as soon as you can before you miss out on the special vehicle. Snooze you loose. :nono

My 2c
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