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For those who might not yet know, Chevrolet IS replacing broken cupholders AND the entire righthand side of the center console that contains the mount for it!

My 04 came with the original cupholder mount, where the cupholder slides in DOWNWARD into a VERY weak set of vertical mounting ears on the center console.

2 weeks after I bought the SSR (bought it 1 month ago), I retrieved the SSR from the local handwash car wash and found the mount (on the center console panel,, not the cupholder) broken. I realized right away I would need an entire new RH center console plastic panel, since the mount ears are moldedright into the one piece.

I assumed I might have to pay Chevrolet to replace it, and try to backcharge the car wash (who agreed they might have broken it) but the service advisor told me that Chevrolet had ralized it was a remarkably fragile design, and had rredesigned it.

The new RH center console panel I got has THICKER mounts, and they are HORIZONTAL rather than vertical, as Chevrolet determined that one high cause of breakage was people sliding the passenger seat forward right into the cupholder, which then shears the old style mount ears right off!

With the new design, if the seat hits the cupholder, the cupholder slides forward off the mounts, and presumably no damage results.

The design is STILL bad from every other perspective though. If you accidentally hit it with a briefcase or purse or grocery bag, it's still likely to shear the mount, because the leverage of the cupholder is just too great for the mount to withstand.

Also, note that the new miunt also requires a new cupholder that has the hrizontal versus vertical mount setup. The old cupholder ill not work with the new mount, BUT you still need the old cupholder to use the DRIVER's side mount!

So, you should keep BOTH cupholders!


1. If you break the old mount, you can get a new one under warranty

2. be sure to ge the new cupholder to go with the new mount!

3. Keep BOTH cupholders if you want the option of using EITHER side of the center console for your cupholder

4. The other DASH mounted cupholder is too small to accept a 20 ounce bottled water, but will accept a 16 ounce one :lol

5. The new design is still pretty flimsy, but better. :)

Jim G
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