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cca05: They have a physical shop in Dallas/Fort Worth, and if you examine their website, you will see that they actually offer instalaltion at their shop for an additional $250.

They also show that they have 5 of these in stock right now, and the photo they show does show the hi-flow cats, so this is the correct $1395 list system being discounted a bit to $1275 plus installation.

Installation of these headers has been described by the shop that I know here in Atlanta (I live in Austin, but am in Atlanta for several months right now) as "very easy compared to many others", and that comment has been echoed in other review I have seen, so it's unlikely that the install could get screwed up.

Anyone living close to where they are located could eliminate ALL risk by buying the headers and installation from them at their shop.

If I were at home in Austin, I'd probably go up there and buy both the headers and the install when I visit my son at UTD in Dallas!

Jim G
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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