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Have I a deal you Southern California SSR owners. I was sourcing an Edelbrock carb for my son's 48 chevy pick-up, when I ran across this request. see below.
For our customers in Southern California, this could present an opportunity to be involved with the development of new product. Our need could be something as simple as a test fit, where we would only need the vehicle for a day or so, or it could involve more extensive testing where we would typically need the vehicle for 3-5 days. Our customers will get to keep the product(s) and we will provide loaner vehicles.

SSR's are one of the development projects they have listed on their website. Since I am in Texas, someone please take them up on their FREE offers for 2 projects. Post the project if someone gets selected. :rolleyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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