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I was just informed that due to the Enduro having such a hectic show schedule this year with GM and TracTech - we would like to have an additional SSR roaming around the shows this season with the Axiom SSR Styling Package...........

What this means?...Axiom will be accepting submittals for One of your SSR's to receive a Styling Package as a sponsored vehicle. (Freebie) :thumbs

Our Marketing Team will want (via email) to see such information as:

-Color of Your Vehicle / Photo
-Location of Your Vehicle / State
-Your Show Schedule for the Year 05
(Locations, Dates, Events You Are Registered In)
-Current Modifications to your SSR
-Planned Mods to your SSR
-Previous Shows You have attended and/or placed in
-Theme for Your Vehicle

[email protected]

**Details and Instructions will be posted in the News/Events section of our site later this week.

You may also forward photos of your vehicle to add to our site gallery just for fun!

Good Luck ALL! Sounds Like its Going to be Fun for One Lucky SSR! :cool

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Freebie Contest Update

Fantastic! To all of you here who have submitted their SSR for the Sponsorship contest - here is an update:

We had a flooding of submittals, all of which are excellent candidates! Great Job Everyone! We are really excited about the many responses and beautiful rides we received. We have a lot of reviewing to will be a very hard decision!!! :eek It is fantastic to see everyones creativity!

Keep them coming! The submittal period is open for another 2 weeks!!
You never could be the one! Your new season of cruising can be a exhilerating reward; as you will be standing out in the crowd!! :yesnod

Good Luck Everyone!
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