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Hey guys !

I just discovered your great Ssr-fanatic website ...

I'm French and owner of a great Chrysler Crossfire full equiped and with 20" chrome Limited wheels...

If you wanna check how it's lookin' , please check this link

Hope you'll like it ... Anyway , this is not the point from my post ...

In fact , i'm modifying cars to bring the west-coast spirit in our country , and now i'm going to catch a plane soon , and get an SSR ...

So i've got a few questions , thanks to you guys if you can answer me :

First , i don't know where to buy it , or what i know is that it must be on the East Coast , because i've gotta put it in a boat to cross Atlantic . :lol ...
I don't want to have numbers of local dealer , but maybe a good database from lots of used cars ( like yahoo , but more specialized maybe )

And where can i find a SUPA shop to modify it before to leave US ... i'd like to buy some wheels in 22 ( possible isn't it ? ) some suspensions , mufflers and a little wing like i saw in the gallery...

I know that it's a big country , but if ya know some real nice place in NY or Miami maybe where i'll can find everything instantly, it will be great...
I checked but they don't know yet this car , so i don't know where to search . Is there other sites similary to this one ?

Thanks for all


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Welcome to the Site


Welcome to the site. The best way to find the available SSR's is to check EBAY. You can also go to WWW.CARS.COM and look for SSR's. You will need a zip code, I suggest to put in the zip code of the hotel or home where you are staying. CARS.Com will also you to specify the distance you are willing to search. Put in the number of miles you are willing to search (ex. 25 miles from zip code xxxxx).

I hope this helps! Also there are plenty of shops that will help you with the other modifications. Maybe someone on this site has a suggestion. In order to help you I suggest that you tell people what city you are going to and how long you will be there.

Finally, I checked out the pictures of the Crossfire. Very nice interior chrome and nice chrome grill! (I'm not so hot on the wheels but the rest of the car is fantastic!)

E :seeya

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Hey it looks good. I like the rims. I almost got a crossfire convert but I am 6'1" and the seat would not go back enough. :cool :cool

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You may want to look into the Hampton Roads area (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton). I have seen 04 SSR's for 32K at Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake. You also have a lot of shipping industry in our area and so getting a boat should be fairly easy for you. Good luck in your quest. Can't wait to see a pic of an SSR by La Grande Jette!! or the eifel will have some amazing adventures for sure. :seeya
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