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Front Bowtie

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Can anyone give me a clue on how to remove the front bowtie. I am assuming I have to remove the brushed aluminum colored bar that it is attached. I see the two screws on the top as you open the hood, but everything else is from the underside, but it would be greatly appreciated if someone knows before I remove things that are not necessary. Thanks. :)
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page 8-398

Open the hood.
Remove the fasteners from the grille brackets.
Use a flat-bladed tool to release the hook and loop from the grille applique molding.

The location of the hook an loop is not indicated. Neither is a specific tool noted. I think they mean something like a putty knife, or maybe the plastic equilivant. I also think they mean the tool be slid between the hook and loop, instead of prying.

Once you have the grill off you will see the speed nuts.

I'd put one of the pic's from the manual in here, but it dosen't show any thing you haven't discovered by removing the fasteners
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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