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I "thought" I had this same issue with my former SSR, but it ended up being a combination of two things.

1) The service department had filled or left filled the tires on my SSR @ 40 PSI. While 30 PSI is the listed amount for the stock tires on the SSR. Returning the tires to 30 PSI (cold) made a HUGE difference.

2) The road. We live near a section of US 50 that "looks smooth". In our mini van it feels smooth, but in the T-Bird and the SSR it will produce a cyclic vibration that could be felt (especially in the SSR). I had the service deparment check the balance on the front wheels, but they were not out of balance (according to them).

I was able to drive the SSR on other sections of US 50 that did not produce the same vibration at all.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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