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Now that I don't have my 2003 SSR any longer (long story), I no longer have a need for the two 2003 SSR service manuals.

Volume 1 (GMT/03-SSR-1): HVAC, Steering, Suspension, Driveline/Axle, Brakes, Engine, Transmission
Volume 2 (GMT/03-SSR): Body and Accessories, Restraints, Vehicle Control Systems.

I paid $120 (plus tax and shipping for the manuals from Helm). I'm hoping I can get $100 (shipping included to lower 48 states) for the two manuals.

I also ordered some touch up paint from for my Smokin Asphalt 03 and the 73P wheel paint. I received those the day after I traded in my SSR (ouch).

These items might as well go to another SSR owner that can truly use and benefit from them.

Paypal would be my preferred payment method.

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Re: Service manuals:

Hey, Shiftz, send me a PM if you haven't sold the manuals and silver paint yet. I'm at a car show Sunday, but will be back Sunday night. I have been using Paypal on EBay with no problems.

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