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For sale is my Aeroforce Interceptor scan gauge. It is programmable to read out 2 different real time parameters or 8 readouts in a cyclic scan, you can read AND reset ODB2 errors, program alarm limits, etc..... Fits in any 2 1/16 inch opening. I will include a polished steel housing I used, will also fit into the SSR floor gauge panel.

Readout is black and white, programmable to either white letters on a black background or black letters on white background.

Works on various vehicles, but for SSRs will only work with 2003-2004 models.

Retails for $229, asking $125 FREE shipping!!!
Includes gauge, ODB cable and polished housing as shown in photo below at bottom of page.

Manual -

From -

The Interceptor scan gauge is capable of displaying over 100 parameters, two at a time (8 using cyclic scan), at an adjustable rate of up to approximately 20 times per second. Not all are supported by every vehicle, so there is no guarantee that the Interceptor will display all of these on your particular car or truck. If the vehicle is broadcasting the parameter, the Interceptor will recognize this and make it available for display.

1. INTAKE AIR- Intake Air Temperature - **
2. COOLANT TEMP- Engine Coolant Temperature **
3. TRANS TEMP 1- Transmission Temperature for automatic gas vehicles
4. TRANS TEMP 2- Trans temp for some vehicles made from ’94 - ’97.
4. RPM- engine Revolutions Per Minute **
5. MAF SENSOR LB/M Mass Air Flow (lbs/min) **
6. MAF FREQUENCY raw Mass Air Flow sensor output (frequency)
7. MAF FREQUENC Y 2 - raw MAF sensor output for the Cobalt SS and Redline
8. MAP SENSOR - Manifold Air Pressure (kPa) **
9. BOOST – Intake vacuum/boost displayed in inHg/PSI. Corrected by altitude entry or barometer**
9. THROTTLE POS. PCT -Throttle Position percentage (0-100%)
10. THROTTLE VOLTS -Throttle Position sensor output (0-5 volts)
11. MILES PER HOUR- Miles Per Hour **
12. KNOCK RETARD- Knock Retard (degrees) for most GM vehicles
13. KNOCK RETARD 2- used for KR value of ’94-’97 LT1’s and some 96/97 V8’s.
14. KNOCK RETARD 3- used for knock retard value of the Cobalt SS SC and Redline
15. IGNITION ADVANCE- ignition timing advance
16. PULSE WIDTH- injector #1 pulse width (4&6 cylinder engines)
17. SHORT TRIM B1-short term fuel trim bank#1
18. SHORT TRIM B2-short term fuel trim bank#2
19. LONG TRIM B1-long term fuel trim bank#1
20. LONG TRIM B2-long term fuel trim bank#2
21. OXYGEN SENSOR B1-O2 bank 1 sensor 1 in millivolts
22. OXYGEN SENSOR B2-O2 bank 2 sensor 1 in millivolts
23. OXYGEN SENSOR –alternate O2 sensor parameter, rarely supported.
24.RUN TIME MINS- engine run time is tenths of seconds since last engine start **
25.BATTERY VOLTAGE- Alternator/battery output voltage **
26.IAC POSITION- Idle Air Control counts (position of Idle Air Control valve)
27.PULSE WIDTH B1-injector Pulse Width for bank 1 (8 cylinder engines)
28.PULSE WIDTH B2-injector Pulse Width for bank 2 (8 cylinder engines)
29.ENGINE LOAD- calculated Engine Load (0-100%) **
30.ENGINE OIL PRESSURE (some 8 cylinder engines) **
31. INTAKE AIR 2 – Intake Air Temp. downstream of intercooler (some supercharged applications such as the Cobalt SS, Ion Redline).
32. TRANS TEMP AL Allison transmission temp, Duramax and Workhorse
33. TORQUE CONVERTER SLIP AL - Allison transmission converter slip, Duramax and Workhorse
34. TQ TO TRANS AL- Engine torque delivered to trans, Duramax and Workhorse
37. THROTTLE PCT DM- Throttle percentage- Duramax
38. THROTTLE VOLTS DM- Throttle sensor voltage- Duramax
39. FUEL LEVEL DM- Duramax
41. Desired Turbo Vane Position- 2004+ Duramax
42. Actual Turbo Vane Position- 2004+ Duramax
43. Pilot Injector Pulse Width- pilot injector pulse width in msec. - Duramax
44. Main Injector Pulse Width- main injector pulse width in msec. Duramax
45. Pilot Injector Timing- in degrees - Duramax
46. Main Injector Timing- in degrees Duramax
47. Pilot Injector Fuel Rate- mm^3 Duramax
48. Main Injector Fuel Rate mm^3 Duramax
49. Miles Per Gallon 1- instantaneous fuel economy for gas vehicles
50. Miles Per Gallon 2 - instantaneous fuel economy for diesel vehicles
51. HP 1 - Calculated net horsepower for gasoline vehicles
52. HP 2 - Calculated net horsepower for diesel vehicles
53. Analog 1 – analog input #1.
54. Analog 2 – analog input #2
55. TOTAL MISFIRES- Total misfires of all cylinders. Resets every minute.
56. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE- limited support on standard GM vehicles, DM support
57. PITCH – H2 Hummer support – indicates the angle of inclination of the vehicle.
58. CURRENT GEAR- Current gear of the transmission
59. TORQUE- Calculated torque from engine to transmission
60. SHIFT TIME- time (msec) for last shift to occure.
61. TORQUE CONVERTER SLIP – Amount of slip allowed by torque converter
62. TORQUE CONVERTER STATUS- Indicates whether torque converter is locked (L) or unlocked (UL)
**These standard GM parameters also are supported by the Duramax diesel

Bi-directional controls:
1.Fan 1 - 3 control
2.PCM (fuel trim) reset
3.CASE (Crank Angle Sensor Error) Re- Learn


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I have one and really like it. I replaced my pod gauges with digital ones, easy and good fit. You can also change the readout color. If you place it in the sun, you can choose a black readout so it doesn't wash out in the sun.
The images show my set up. The ssr decal came from my revel model car kit.
I haven't seen the on for sale, but I would imagine they are the same.


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Nice install. Yes, I have used this gauge on different vehicles and it has always come in handy.

I forgot to add that the readout color on the gauge for sale is reversible black and white.

Programmable alarms and all the readouts are great but the fact that you can read and clear DTCs makes it a valuable tool to diagnose issues on the road.
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