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Thought I would post this here since I know some people like to play around and modify stuff. I have a roll of Arlon Smoke Gray metallic vinyl left over from when I put hand made stripes on my SSR a few years ago. I had the stripes on for about 4 years and they still looked great before I made another change.

I bought the 30 foot roll new and it has been stored in a climate controlled room since I had it.

It matched very good with the Ultra Violet but would work well with any color since it is rather neutral in color. Silver, red, yellow, etc would all look great with this color accent.

Great to make stripes or other design on the R before you paint, or keep the design on for a few years and change out later, or if you have a vinyl plotter or know someone that does ........

Asking $10 plus shipping for the 24" x 20 foot left over roll


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