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Congratulations goes out to our newest winner ~ Fuzzy ~ His awesome custom painted SSR with a beautiful sunset in Wisconsin!

Next contest will start on June 1st. Please be ready to submit your favorite photo.
Thank you to all that participated in this months contest.

Please vote for your favorite SSR photo in our "SSR of the Month" contest! All winners will be submitted for consideration to be placed into a yearly SSR calendar.

Below are the latest photos that have been submitted. They all have a number below their entries - from 1 to 10. Please select your favorite choice for this Months Contest. I will keep this poll open until May 24th. June's winner will be selected before June 1st and then posted on our website for that upcoming month.

I hope that this will make our site more fun and entertaining for all. If you don’t win this month please don’t give up and try again soon.



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June Bride

Ray's entry

Photos is from last year, but officially a June photo. Taken at the Summerland Reseach Station grounds - wedding was under a beautiful tree on the grass.

Only three people knew about the plans to bring the bride in the SSR - rehearsal the previous night had her coming down some steps closer to where the chairs were set up. Required special permission to take the SSR on the manicured lawn, and they reset the sprinklers so that area would not be watered that morning, so there would be no ruts.

Even the groom was left with his mouth open when we rolled in. I allowed him to drive his new wife away in it. OK - so I let him drive 500 feet. :lol



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JUNE's Poll NOW Open To Vote:


I edited this thread and split the Photo tips into a new thread all on its own. Please continue to give us your feedback on how you think we should run our SSR of the Month Contest now and in the future. :)

We want to keep improving our site and continue making it the FUN place that it is... we want to keep bringing you back to visit us!
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