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Sorry, but I just approved all of the pics awaiting approval. (I have to start checking it daily I guess!)

Here are the reasons for the approval process:

FIRST - Eliminate tasteless pictures -Scantily clothed girl on hood will not be approved. (Those are for the Moderators only! :lol )

SECONDLY - Posting in wrong Category - Of the 10 that I approved today, two were pending to go to the wrong category. (I corrected them into the right one! :nono )

LASTLY - Job security for Moderators! (I would hate to lose this high paying position! :lol )

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I know one time I ment to post in the external file and the file rolled to home position of interior, as I entered it. So some one had to made that correction for me before it went on site. Girly pictures :rolleyes: Who would think of that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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