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Well, for those of you that have followed my woes with the recent 456 gear swap, here is another "glitch".

Upon leaving the gear shop with my new "noisy" swap completed, I had an afternoon appointment across town in Raleigh to have the (speedo) re programmed to read correctly with the new gears.

I was told in advance, that they could handle this deal. I took it to Mayhem Motorsports. Mayhem Motorsports ? Automotive Customization Shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Once there and about 20 minutes later and $200 poorer, they said it was done. Great, I left and when finally out on main road, I glanced down at speedo which said I was going 50mph and looked at my Garmin GPS and it said I was going 43mph. Turned around and took it back and owner of shop drove it and concurred it was not right. Questioned me as to the new ratio, yes indeed it is now 456. So it seemed they have not had this problem before as to reprogramming a GM now they double checked wheel/tire size and that was OK and they then started altering the programmed "ratio" and/or tire size to (fake out) the ECM to get the speedo to be accurate.

Two and a half hours later, the owner finally made a call somewhere and found out that although he had made a speedo change to an SSR before, it was a 2004 model. He was advised his system program could NOT make a speedo change accurately on a 2005 SSR.

So, he said he was embarrassed and sorry for all the trouble and he gave me a full refund. Then handed me a card with PCMfor on it as a source that could get it done right.:surprise:

Well, I recognized that PCM site from previous posts on once I resolve the gear whine issues, looks like I'll have to send off my ECM or whatever to finally resolve that problem.

All and all, I spent a lot of money and very exasperating day..........:frown2:
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