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I haven't had a chance to post comments for a while, so here's a few:
Have 5,500 miles on my '04, only one minor prob., a cable was rubbing on the top when going up and down, very small wear spot in paint. "cured" it with foam tape on the cable. no other problems at all. Drove 3,500 miles on a trip, mostly highway, 70-80 mph, little over 20 mpg. My top retracts in 19 seconds, including windows lowering. I paid msrp here in Jacksonville, Fl. so of course I don't like to see roadsters now selling for near invoice, but it is supply and demand. I am curious what the 05 will sell for with the 6 liter, and what impact that will have on the market value or trade value of the 03, 04's. I am really pleased with the vehicle, of course I have minor complaints, cupholders are a joke, no spare tire, etc. but this vehicle I consider "rolling art". I have a question about the top, does anyone know of any maintenance that is required on the top, i.e. lubrication of hinges, pins, etc? or hydraulic oil changes, etc.?
anyway, all in all, it is a comfortable vehicle for two "around town" or on a long trip very nice for one person. I need the other seat for road atlas, cell phone, fast food containers, you know, the average junk. btw I bought chrome wheels from Chevy so have a set of nearly new silver wheels if anyone interested. thanks, dmac
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