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Germany meet the Chevrolet SSR friends

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we succeeded in!

The biggest meeting of the Chevrolet SSR in Germany takes place on April 7th (Böblingen Motorworld). We have very dedicated people in our group, especially Roland, he leaves no stone unturned to find SSR owners in Germany. SSR friends have registered from all over Germany. 20 SSR attend this meeting.


Es ist uns gelungen!

Das größte Treffen der Chevrolet SSR in Deutschland findet am 7. April (Böblingen Motorworld) statt. Wir haben sehr engagierte Leute in unserer Gruppe, besonders Roland, er lässt nichts unversucht SSR-Besitzer in Deutschland zu finden. SSR-Freunde haben sich aus ganz Deutschland angemeldet. 20 SSR nehmen an diesem Treffen teil.

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Well I think it's really cool to see such a strong following there.
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Interesting mods, especially the front end on the yellow one. It's cool how cars bring people together, all over the world!
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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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