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getting a black rubber mark above the window

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This happened once I cleaned it with the Zaino bar and thought it was an outside source. Now it's back. It's a rubber mark on the retractable part of the roof right above the passenger window. Nothing on the driver side. Anyone else getting this?
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I had the same mark on my ssr I found after some inspection as the top went down it was rubbing on a piece of plastic held in with plastic clips. The clips on mine were loose I just tighten the clips up and cleaned the mark up and it has not been marked up since. So put the top down slow and have another person watch as to where it is rubbing well good luck hope this helps
Mike :)
Same thing happened to me - same fix.
There is a dealer fix for this that trims the plastic back and adds some clips. This eliminates the rubbing that can happen on either side.
OK guys, I am not following exactly where this mark is showing up at. Can you give more specific details on where the mark shows up at?
so I should take it to the dealer or do it myself? Does the dealer thing that much different than just tightening the thing up?
Rubbing on the roof

I wondered where that mark was coming from! Same problem here! More info on the "dealer fix", please. I just hate to spend the time and hassle going to the dealer for anything I can do myself. My first and only trip (so far) to the dealer resulted in an unwanted washing and a bunch of scratches.
Help me out here....where exactly is the mark showing up on your SSR's so that I can go look at mine and see if I am getting it too.
This mark should be on the rear edge of the front roof just above the window opening. The plastic trim on the front of the rear roof rubs on the front roof paint causing the mark when you cycle the roof. You need to provide enough clearance so these parts do not touch. The dealer fix uses trimmed parts and additional clips. Current production vehicles have this fix.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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