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Looks like the Union Has helped to slow things up... At least it should be a Quality Product!!!

Check this out at:
(NBC affiliate in Lansing)

Chevy SSR on the Way
Aaron Baskerville

They've been seen on the streets for months, but the test driving may be over. The Chevy SSR could be making its way to area dealerships this month.

Union leaders say for the first time in a lengthy process, the Lansing Craft Centre is building units for sale. After months and months of building the roadster to validate its operating systems, the car slash truck could soon be ready to hit dealerships.

But before they are shipped to dealerships, the units must first go through the quality validation process. Union leaders for UAW Local 1618 say it's conceivable that the SSR could find its way to dealers in the upcoming weeks.

There are currently 3,500 dealers waiting for the arrival of the car.
Union leaders say this step towards the release of a new product is a step towards job security.
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