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Getting two-tone done?

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Hey all - I'm considering a Silver SSR and would want to give it a two-tone paint job. Was thinking black over silver, but GM's doing that next year... Can somebody mock me up a Ricochet Silver with a sort of Midnight Blue on top? Or chevy's new Cobalt Blue we see on Equinoxes and, erm, Cobalts?

And I guess, where to get it done and how much, would be my next Q's - I'm near Wash DC and am not about to get Earl Scheib to do it =0)

Woot! I feel good about trying out an SSR (tomorrow/next day), let's hope the machine agrees.
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Lazer Blue


Before you make a final decision on the lazer blue like on the Equinox, go and see one on a sunny day. Walk all the way around it and take a very close look. The Lazer Blue metallic has a purple hue at certain angles in the sun. This color has the same paint code 26U as the ultraviolet SSR. the submix number is different.
Interesting - is that a vote for or against the lazer blue? =0)

That said, anybody out there with a UV that wants to trade upper body panels? LOL. Mostly kidding - would rather have like a deep blue than purple in that scenario anyways.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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