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Ditto on purchasing a US car. Landed mine at about $25000 Can lower than purchasing my original order. My "intended" Redline arrived Feb 10, 2004, and was still sitting on the lot last weekend. I bet 12 months of interest hasn't improved its value.

It was at $80000 Can when it came in, had a tag at $47500 last weekend. Let me see...... I wonder how profitable that deal has become.

I felt bad rolling into my local dealer with my yellow toy in May, but they have treated me very well.

Nice job, GM Canada. Too bad all the faxes, emails and registered letters from SSRGuy, myself and a few others before the SSR ever hit the street went unheeded, and the dealers have been the ones to take the loss.

Several of the dealers I spoke to in B.C. have had zero interest in gambling on 05s.

How different would it have been if Grimaldi and the other mucky mucks at the top of the food chain at GM Canada had listened, and the damned thing had rolled it in the mid 50s, on par with US retail. Instead, the SSR has become notorious as a grossly overpriced toy in Canada. More than once, I've overheard conversations on the sidewalk as I drove by with the top down - pretty much questioning my sanity in paying $80K for a toy. The reputation is out there, and GM Canada has not been able to reverse the slide.

Not to mention the sheer joy of the original 80K purchasers looking at $47K tags in the showroom, trying to estimate how much value they have lost in 6 months. I checked on ann 05 6 speed last week, just for the sheer fun of it, and was give an estimated trade value of 32 - 35K Canadian. Wow - where else could you lose $45K that quickly? Oh well, better than shares in Nortel

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