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I, like many, purchased my SSR out of love of cars/trucks. I dreamed of owning an SSR from the outset of its first unveiling, though never thought I would. Well, an opportunity came about, and I own one!

My SSR is a daily driver as I gave up my '04 Trailblazer, my '02 PT Cruiser, and sold my boat to own it! I believe that when you purchase a vehicle like the SSR, in its birthing years, you have to make a commitment if you are in the working class such as most of us. It's like raising a family, you make a commitment to have children, and for those of you who do, you know the problems they present and what you have to do to fix them. Well, I have been lucky so far in that I have had no major issues with my SSR. Oh yes, I have some rattles, squeeks and slight adjustment issues, but I expected some when I bought it. Be realistic, this is only the second year of this vehicle guys! How many years does it take to raise a child and get it right?

I DO NOT think GM is living up to their responsibilities, but neither do I think they are sidestepping issues because they don't want to deal with them. I just think that they don't have all the correct fix it answers for our issues. If you have read the threads here, it shows that the dealerships and their service people are not trained properly for our SSR problems, and I don't feel they can be, as no one but an owner of an SSR has had any experience with them. Years ago as a new father, I knew nothing of raising my kids, so I learned as I went along. While there are basic mechanical, electrical, and similarities in all vehicles, they all have their subtle differences, especially in a concept car brought to life.

Please do not get me wrong here, I am not siding with any one side as I think everyones issues are valid, but believe we all have to be realistic with what we are dealing with, and patient with each other and our issues getting fixed. Even life is not perfect.

Thanks Troy and Marc for this great site where we can voice our opinions.

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