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GM Extended warranty, yes or no?

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I received an offer in the mail from GM to purchase an extended warranty and I am seriously considering it based on the problems I have had with mechanicals breaking, especially the top! I was most surprised to read the fine print where it says, convertible tops are not covered. Do they mean the mechanicals that raise the roof, the actual roof itself, or what? I think this rule applied to rag tops, but would it also pertain to the first GM retractable hard top? Even if it does not, I think the warranty is needed for transmission and other power train issues that will inevitably come up. What do you all think? Marc, can you check with the powers that be and see if they would cover the top on this warranty? You get three choices of Basic, Value and Major Guard. I am considering the Major Guard and would think, for the money, it should cover our tops. ;)
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Are there any dealers on here that will offer the bumper to bumper extended warranty at a discounted price? I was able to get one on my other vehicle for slightly less than 1/2 of what my dealer quoted me, but it was not a GM product. The dealer I purchased from stated it was entirely up to the dealership as to what price they wanted to charge.
cruzned said:
I purchased mine now because the cost of the extended warranty after 22K was significantly more expensive. I think the investment was good. Today's warranty work cost almost two grand, so I would say I already got mine paid for.
Extended Warranty

Thanks Brian and Randy. I'll give both a shot.

Is this Major Guard? And do you know what new prices are after Oct 1st?
Marc NY said:

What I heard is the mechanical parts to our hard top convertible is covered. If anyone might want to consider buying one of many GMs Extended Protection coverage’s can visit their official internet website. Those rates that are quoted are good up to October 1st 2005 when they get reevaluated for the 2006 year coverage’s.

Here are a few pointers that one should consider before buying. If you know you are going to be under 24,000 miles in 3 years you might want to consider waiting until you are near end of your 3 year original GM warranty before you purchase their agreement. Make sure you shouldn’t go past the last 3 months of your original warranty and do not exceed 33,000 miles before you consider purchasing their extended warranty plan.

Example: For those that will be within 24,000 at or near the end of their 3 year warranty might want to consider the following GM Extended Warranty Plan estimated prices

0-24,000 Miles: Going with additional coverage

$ 0 – Deductible $1,345.00 MSRP
$100 – Deductible $1,140.00 MSRP
$200 – Deductible $ 950.00 MSRP

*Please check out the many various extended packages that can protect you up to or just over 100,000 miles.

Check out GM site ---> GM's Official Site:
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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