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GM Extended warranty, yes or no?

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I received an offer in the mail from GM to purchase an extended warranty and I am seriously considering it based on the problems I have had with mechanicals breaking, especially the top! I was most surprised to read the fine print where it says, convertible tops are not covered. Do they mean the mechanicals that raise the roof, the actual roof itself, or what? I think this rule applied to rag tops, but would it also pertain to the first GM retractable hard top? Even if it does not, I think the warranty is needed for transmission and other power train issues that will inevitably come up. What do you all think? Marc, can you check with the powers that be and see if they would cover the top on this warranty? You get three choices of Basic, Value and Major Guard. I am considering the Major Guard and would think, for the money, it should cover our tops. ;)
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I received the activation request form from GM a couple weeks ago. As I'm over 24K miles (32K actually) the quote for the three Guard prices are basic $1733, Value $2215, and Major $2459. This is for an additional 54000 miles added to my mileage from when I sign up.

I don't know how you can buy a discounted Plan from one dealer then expect another dealer to honor it. Does the selling dealer notify GM the extended warranty has been activated, and GM blesses the deal with whatever dealer you want to use??

Or can I haggle with my dealer about the price of the Extended warranty??

brianko...can you expand on how this works for all parties involved??


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great info, guys

I'll try both those dealers the first part of the week. Be great to get this for less than GM is quoting. Thanxx again.


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What was your mileage when you bought the extended warranty??


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Thanxx, Joe

Got your PM on this subject. Glad your happy with the package you obtained. With 32K miles I'll have to do something soon to extend the warranty. Have had several requests from GM for an extention of 3 years and/or 56K miles whichever comes first., added to my mileage.
Tried calling the Fichtners today on the 888 number but they are out of town until Monday. Am going to Key West Friday until next Tuesday so I'll buzz him up when I get back.

Thanxx for thinking of me with your post. You can always count on a fanatic when info is needed.


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My latest go-around with E/W

Having 33K miles on Penelope I need to do this E/W. Went to my local dealer. Nice guy.... BUT.......he quoted me $2565 for Major Guard extention, 0 deductible, for 48 months or 60K additional miles, plus tx, which will be an additional $125 give or take.
Sounded OK but wasn't convinced it was right. :confused

Reasearched the E/W thread and found some have been quoted using Symbol 2 (Chev S10 p/u) and not symbol 5 (SSR and Corvette). Called my guy back, asked him what symbol he quoted...yep a 2. The symbol 5 quote now goes up to $3830 plus tax ($230)
Jeeeeezzzzz. :cuss

Called Finchtner Chevrolet in Laurel Montana, talked to Dennis Finchtner. He quoted me $2785 for 36mo/60K miles additional and 0 deductible. SOME DIFFERENCE :)

Joe S, thanxx for the PM info on your deal. This is the best deal, and Dennis wants to keep it that way.


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