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GM Extended warranty, yes or no?

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I received an offer in the mail from GM to purchase an extended warranty and I am seriously considering it based on the problems I have had with mechanicals breaking, especially the top! I was most surprised to read the fine print where it says, convertible tops are not covered. Do they mean the mechanicals that raise the roof, the actual roof itself, or what? I think this rule applied to rag tops, but would it also pertain to the first GM retractable hard top? Even if it does not, I think the warranty is needed for transmission and other power train issues that will inevitably come up. What do you all think? Marc, can you check with the powers that be and see if they would cover the top on this warranty? You get three choices of Basic, Value and Major Guard. I am considering the Major Guard and would think, for the money, it should cover our tops. ;)
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Thanks Marc

Thanks for getting the answer on top mechanical.... I'm good till Dec. 2010 with my 03 :ssr ... If I don't get itchy for the last year built. :confused
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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