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I have just got rid of my SL55 AMG, traded for a Aqua Blur 05 SSR and an 05 White C6. I can only say that there can be no other two cars combined that could ever top one really bad MB AMG.

This car spent 10 days per 600 miles in the shop. Every time one thing was fixed, two more were inserted.


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dingbat said:
Try here for contact info or phone for customer assistance is 1-800-222-1020
My customer assistance rep was little help, to help with my problem, I wrote an email the the CEO's office, [email protected]. Someone called the next day and got results quickly. If you're problem is specifically related to the dealer's poor service and attitude, call the 800 # first to get a case number assigned.
Good luck, they are really trying to improve their reputation, but it can vary dealer to dealer.

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Thanks, guys. I'm getting the Blazer fixed now at an independent repair location - will wait until I hear what they say. I had a complete rear brake job on May 4th. By last Tuesday night - there was a grinding noise in the rear left tire. Took it in and they said the brake pad was worn down to the screws. When I asked how that could happen, I was told they didn't know and that the calipers and the lines looked okay. They just replaced the pads and turned the disc at no charge. We used it once a day later and had about 30 miles on it when it smelled terrible and was locking up again.

Drove it back to the dealership that night. They called me the next day and said that BOTH calipers were shot and wanted about $550 to fix it. I told them to button it back up and give it to me. Tried to charge me $52 for the "diagnosis". the bottom line is they sent us out with defective brakes - or there was divine intervention and both calipers failed at the same time.
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