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GM Tech Link

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I found this today on, for those who experience the driveline tink. I have not yet but then again my 05 hasn't cracked 1000miles yet ;) .

Propshaft Noise Some owners of a 2002-05 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT 2WD, or GMC Envoy XL 2WD, or 2003-05 Chevrolet SSR may comment on a ping, pop or click noise from underneath the rear of the vehicle. This concern usually occurs when shifting into Reverse, or out of Reverse into Drive.

On TrailBlazers and Envoys equipped with a 3.42 axle ratio (RPO GU6), or a 3.73 axle ratio (RPO GT4), this condition can be corrected by replacing the original swaged aluminum propshaft with a straight tube propshaft from the GMC Envoy XUV.
- p/n 15113111 for vehicles equipped with the 4.2L L6 (RPO LL8)
- p/n 15113110 for vehicles equipped with the 5.3L V8 (RPO LM4).

The propshafts mentioned above CANNOT be used in TrailBlazers and Envoys with the 4.10 axle ratio (RPO GT5). If this concern appears on a vehicle with the 4.10 ratio, use p/n 15163667, which is the same as the original propshaft.

On Chevrolet SSRs, a revised propshaft for automatic transmission vehicles p/n 15247556 was released for service, which includes an integral mass damper, mounted on the slip-yoke (transmission end) to improve a driveline whine concern. Manual transmission (6-speed) vehicles use p/n 15209860 which has a larger rear u-joint to fit the 9.5-inch rear axle. These propshafts have also been changed internally to reduce the ping, creak or click noise when the direction of the propshaft is reversed.

- Thanks to Rusty Sampsel

Vehicle Axle Ratio Engine Propshaft p/n
Envoy 3.42 (RPO GU6)
3.73 (RPO GT4) 4.2L L6 (RPO LL8) 15113111
5.3L V8 (RPO LM4) 15113110
4.10 (RPO GT5) 4.2L L6 (RPO LL8) 15163667

Vehicle Transmission Propshaft p/n
Chevrolet SSR automatic 15247556
manual 15209860

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My tink has actually gone away after eight months of ownership. The noise (when shifting into reverse) was not there originally but after a couple of months became quite noticable (I must back up the beast to get it out of the garage each morning). Now I don't hear it at all. I can't imagine anybody getting concerned over this until the drive shaft ends up on the pavement (but then again what gets some people concerned is probably where a lot of shrinks make their money).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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