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GM User ID

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Does anyone know if GM allows for access to there online service manuals via a general user ID and password? I have the web site and have downloaded the service manual update of 447MB, but I need to log in with a user ID and password.
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I got the CDs from Helm near the middle of December and it was the correct version for me to do the online update earlier yesterday. It's cool, because now the manual covers the 05 GTO, too. Not that I have one, but it's still cool to have extra info instead of not enough.


I'm planning to hit that site about once a month, download the update and burn it to CD. If my computer ever takes a crap, I can reload it incrementally to whatever is currently available.


go to and for about $300 you can have a pristine set sent out pronto.


P.S. I tried the el-cheapo route for a hacked copy but it was outdated and I was unable to bring it up to the version I needed.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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