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I haven't heard anyone complaining about this one but:

Certain cleaning substances used by some pre-delivery departments can cause a discoloration of the gold bow tie appliqué on the 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier and the SSR (fig. 9).

A chemical intended to remove bug debris has been found to discolor the bow tie. Avoid chemicals listing oxalic acid, dihydrate techorganic acid or hydro-florides as an ingredient.

TIP: It is not necessary to avoid using these chemicals to clean vehicles, but BE SURE to avoid contact with the gold bow tie.

GM Brand Quality is working with the supplier to increase the durability of the parts so they are more robust to cleaning agents. Closely inspect your inventory of vehicles to determine if a potential issue exists. If you notice discoloration, stop use of the chemical agent immediately, and file a field product report.
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